Are you a successful woman in tech, yearning for a more impactful, impressive, and wealth-creating career?


If yes, it’s time to build your BRAVE so that you make more money, be seen as the expert and leader you are, and make a bigger, global impact. 

Heya! I'm Nicole

I know what it is like to be a woman in tech, incredibly successful and also struggling.

Even with my snazzy title of Senior Global Director, deep expertise in coaching and change, proven experience across more than 25 countries, and numerous certificates and awards...people still slipped into trying to talk over my insight, ignoring my experience, or even lifting my expertise and claiming it as their own.

I get it because I have lived it.

I have also lived in the real-world results of building BRAVE:

  • I became an exec before age 30, while heavily pregnant

  • I worked in over 25 countries, driving forward the most significant transformational programs for a major software company

  • I had prime choice of projects, assignments, and roles throughout my career

  • I relocated globally to the country and city of my choice to meet the needs of my family


I coach successful women in tech like you ready to envision, design, and leap towards your next big, BRAVE success.

Together we get clear on your next big success and why it matters to you so that you decisively, confidentially move towards what you really want next … and keep moving, keep growing throughout the entirety of your career.

I am the international bravery coach for women in tech.
Yearning for more but not sure what it is or if you can really achieve it?

If I can go from

  • Welfare to multiple six figures

  • Speech impediment to bi-lingual

  • “Next county, wow!” to a career that included over 25 countries


You can too .. in your own special way.

You can envision, design, and create your amazing, wealth-creating career in tech too.

Higher Incomes


Deepened Relationships


Career Promotions


Transitions to New Industries


Regional & Global Relocations


Dreams Revealed & Embraced


My clients experience results after working with me:

*percentages as reported by clients



Maverick Paradox Magazine





“I started with Nicole because I was lost. I just wanted to stop 'not caring.' That felt like a big want for me. Now I CARE again about what I do. I increased my income by 100,000Euro."


Global Talent Leader


"If you want to be challenged to find your purpose and expand your career farther than you ever realized was possible- then Nicole is your Leader and Coach. Thank you Nicole, I not only gained a new career path but I also gained a lifelong friend."


Global Principle, Cloud


"How do you get the impossible? You work with Nicole.

I hit the market and designed my own job. Got offers. Negotiated. Accepted. Started. 

In the middle of the pandemic. Bravery is THE skill."


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Flip the Script to Turn 2020 into your Big, Beautiful, Brave Career move


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