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Build the skill of bravery to create the career of your biggest, wildest dreams.

You can have the career - the life! - of your biggest, wildest dreams. 

Oh, yes, you can. 

You are itching for more. You've got a goal, an idea, a dream. 

But you aren't moving forward. 

You are stuck. 

Perhaps you've never even known someone try for what you are dreaming about. Or maybe you think you first need to 'earn' the right to reach for more. 

Or maybe you are even wondering if you've got 'it.'

Spoiler alert: you do. 

Its time for you to step into your brave. Step fiercely forward. 

Claim not just your space, claim your legacy. 

I look forward to working with you. 

So why don't you?  

Are you hearing negative thoughts like:

“I don't have the time.” 

“My dream is too big.”

“I need to go back to school before I can do that.” 

“I don't know if I have 'it.'”

"I can't really live and work in another country."

"Going global is just too hard."

"Other people do those things...not people like me."

But that isn't really true. The truth is that you are everything you need. You've got your goal, your idea, your motivation... your dream

And you can make them all your reality. 


You have the time. 

Your dream is just the right size.

You don't need another degree or another certification.

You know you can try again, learn, and succeed.

You have 'it' in spades.

Your live and your work can thrive in another part of the world.

You can - you WILL - go global.

YOU are exactly the person.

Its time for you to step into your brave.

Building the skill of bravery creates:

  • more opportunities

  • higher salaries

  • bigger roles

  • deeper relationships

  • the power to step into dreams that you have kept hidden for so many years.

Step fiercely forward. 

Claim your space, your legacy, your space in our world.

My name is Nicole Trick Steinbach.


I am a global coach and certified change management expert. I know we are each everything we need and we can build the career (and life!) of our biggest dreams.


I know because I am still doing it. 

"If you want to be challenged to find your purpose and expand your career farther than you ever realized was possible- then Nicole is your Leader and Coach."

Carli, Learning & Talent Senior Consultant, USA