Build The Skill of Bravery to

Create the Career of Your Biggest Dreams.

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How to Build Your Brave Video Series

Meet Nicole 

Nicole Trick Steinbach is a Global Career Coach and Change Management Consultant.

Nicole's clients  experience how building bravery creates more opportunities, higher salaries, bigger roles, deeper relationships, and the power to live into a hidden dream.

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Building the skill of bravery will change your life.

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Maverick Paradox Magazine



Vice President


“Nicole balances empathy with accountability. After just a few weeks, I was tired of my excuses. After a few months, I was moving forward. Now I am in a challenging job and learning new skills. I can’t believe I was so settled with ‘just fine.”


Writer Global Nomad


"This is early but I can't wait. Four months in and I have already hit my goal. I'm doing it. I am making it happen! And I know I can. So excited for the next 8 months together."


Chief of Staff


"Nicole offered real, actionable insight to my complex change management challenge. She understood the challenge immediately - and had even been through similar in her own career. I look forward to working with Nicole again as my project progresses!"


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How to Build Your Brave Video Series

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