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$99 Achieve Your Promotion

Special Offer

One 60 minute strategic session to design your unique approach to achieve your professional promotion. 

​As the year comes to close, the annual salary review and promotion cycles at most companies and organizations are gearing up. 

You know that you need to drive your career and you need to brave enough to ask for what you want. 

And what you want is a promotion. 

"I thought it was silly to pay someone to help me get a promotion I had already earned. Nicole was worth it. And I got the promotion."



Lead Consultant, USA 

"Amazing how one hour led to a leap in my career."


Marketing Consultant, Ireland

"Wanted to let you know that I didn't get the promotion. Instead I got clear that the company was NEVER going to promote me. I just accepted a role as Managing Director!


Managing Director, APJ

But asking for a promotion -- as well as describing and defending your ask -- can seem scary, arrogant, or even unnecessary. 

If you have been waiting for someone to notice you deserve a promotion, you have most likely been disappointed a few times. 

If you have already asked for a promotion and haven't gotten it and aren't sure why, this year most likely won't be any different. 

"One $99 session created $12,000 more annual salary. Talk about a smart investment. 

 Lilou, HR Consultant, France

In one targeted session we will:

  • clarify your current status

  • create a unique approach to gain your promotion

  • and establish your accountability structure.  

The session will be recorded and you will have access to the recording. 

In just one hour you'll be ready to go from "hum" to "I've got this."

You deserve to grow in your career and your impact to the world.

I look forward to helping you accomplish the next level of your career via one, targeted session. 

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