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$99 Global


Career Building

Special Offer

One 60 minutes ask-me-anything about global careers to provide instant insight and action items so that you can take action towards your goal NOW.

You absolutely can build and strengthen a global career.

But sometimes it does seem daunting, overwhelming, even impossible. I get it. I've been there and many of my clients have too. There is so much to keep in mind and cross-cultural mistakes happen.


But, you don’t need to give up or flounder in confusion. You can have access to me, a certified coach and change management expert with over 15 years of experience in global career building.

I've traveled & worked in over 25 countries. If there is a 'whoops' to be made, I'm pretty sure either I've done it, or one of my clients have. And we all lived to tell the tale & keep growing our skills and our careers.

In advance of our session, you'll be asked to describe your questions or situation so that we can spend all of the time on you. If we have time left over, I'll still be available to discuss any other topics about global career building.

In just one hour you'll be ready to go from "whoa" to "I've got this."

"One hour is so short. But Nicole answers the question behind the question. The information I got from our session is still in use. The ROI is well over 1,000%.



Senior Consultant, USA 

"I'm the first one in my community to work globally. I didn't want to buy a big package when I didn't know if I really needed it. One hour with Nicole leapt me forward. Within two months I landed my first three-week global assignment. 


Consultant, USA

"Thank you for the coaching lesson! It not only boosted my confidence, but also gave me specific tactics to leverage. For all those women wanting to pursue a global career in tech, reach out to Nicole!


Director of Marketing, USA

"I couldn't get an offer in my target industry outside of my country. One hour with Nicole and I had specific tactics to upgrade my communication. 


I just accepted an offer! I'll be relocating by the end of the summer. 


Developer, India