Meet Nicole

Nicole lives the skill of bravery and the joy of failure while inspiring others to find the courage to do the same.


Before stepping into her genius as the international BRAVE coach, she grew up in a struggling single-parent family and overcame a speech impediment. Today she has over 20 years in technology including global executive roles, is bilingual, and has a track record of coaching and advising all levels of professionals in over 25 countries. 


She supports each person to build their own bravery so that they can turn dreams into reality: landing executive roles, pursuing international careers, doubling their income, and thriving in their chosen career.


What you've been told is 'too much' is your gift to the world.

My Mission

Our world needs you, all of you.


My passion is helping women in tech build their bravery so that they create the career of their biggest dreams and make the world better.




Because every single industry relies on a spine of tech. That tech spine should be playing a tangible role in leaping every industry towards greater equity for all people as well as proactively engaging in reducing climate change, increasing quality of life and education, and so much more. 

Long story, short: When tech is truly inclusive, all industries will be too. 

And that is a legacy worth all the things!

Let’s Connect

Phone Number: +1 (303)-229-0192   /     Email:  

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