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The world has changed. 

And tech industry has changed even more in ways that were unimaginable just a year ago. Now it is crucial that you know how to be seen, heard, and taken seriously as a woman in tech. 

​In this simple, 4 week action-oriented course you will learn the most proven and cutting edge research for success, enhanced with my own experience as a woman in tech, and the many success stories from my clients.

Even after nearly 20 years in tech, I was still far too often the only woman in the room, or the only woman in the room with the power and the presence to influence and make business decisions.


And, even with my snazzy title of Senior Global Director, deep expertise in coaching and change, proven experience across more than 25 countries, and numerous certificates and awards...people still slipped into trying to talk over my insight, ignoring my experience, or even lifting my expertise and claiming it as their own.

Sometimes they succeeded.


But never, ever for long. 

Making sure I was seen, heard, and taken seriously by building the skill of bravery as a woman in tech is the core reason why: 

  • I became an exec before age 30

  • I worked in over 25 countries, representing the most significant transformational programs for a major software company

  • I had prime choice of projects, assignments, and roles throughout my career

  • I relocated globally to the country and city of my choice to meet the needs of my family

and more. 

The Build Your Bravery course has already made 5x ROI for me: raise mid-year, finally crossing 100,000Euro. All because I got specific, showed up and got heard, and shifted my relationship with my project lead just a bit.

– Darena, Canada/Finland

Please allow me to share a bit of my own story & inspiration for this course...

Nicole’s course for building bravery is so simple. This course is an exchange - not a sacrifice. I saw results right away.

– Beck, France

In this course
you will :

  • Build your bravery so that you not only remain in your career but you thrive into an even more impactful, impressive, and wealth-creating career phase.

  • Get super clear about your unique, specific goal for being seen, heard, and taken seriously. After one session, you’ll have it and you’ll share it with others. 

  • Design a sustainable approach on HOW to shift your own behavior and the behavior of others’ to ensure your brilliance and expertise is acknowledged and searched out. 

  • Create, enhance, and expand the habits, mindset, and relationships necessary to ensure that you are taken seriously as the expert you are, you are heard in all meetings, and you are seen as the professional with more potential today and tomorrow. 

My Clients Report These Results

Who benefits the most from the Build Your Brave four-week course? 

  • You are a woman in tech with at least 7 years of professional experience. 

  • You’ve gotten promotions and experienced success but are now wondering: What’s different; Why am I not being heard? 

  • You want to stay in tech because you know you can make a difference and you are sick of your expertise being ignored...or lifted by others.

  • You are intelligent, resilient, and ready to slay the techbro demons to kick ass in your career, making tech an even better industry for all people. 

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Who isn’t this course for?  

If you are just starting out in tech, trying to decide if you will stay in tech, or returning to tech after a break:


The industry needs you. 


And there are amazing opportunities to support your experience in the world.  Reach out to so that we can help identify supportive opportunities for your goal. 

And, check out AnitaB.Org while we connect.  

My How to Build Your Brave Framework

You are busy and -- and just like when designing, developing, or implementing tech -- results need to be nearly instantaneous. My framework for How to Build Your Brave does just that. 


My framework is simple, built on proven and cutting-edge research, and creates results from the first session. 


And it is fun. Cause we all need waaaayyyyy more fun. 

  •  Tell it to your dentist
  • Experience it like a kindergartner

  • Own it like a boss 

Program Schedule

  • Monday, February 1, 2020 - Tell it to your dentist
    Get hyper-specific about your unique goal by answering four key questions. And stop the groundhog days of your goals!


  • Monday, February 8, 2020 - Experience it like a kindergartner
    Step out, step up, step in, making change right now, one small learning and one small action at a time. With laughter, joy, and connection.


  • Monday, February 15, 2020 - Own it like a boss 
    Build, enhance, and expand your mindset, habits, and relationships to make sustained change a simple reality. This is president's day in the USA, so we will channel that energy too. 


  • Monday, February 22, 2020 - Share, exchange, & celebrate
    Girl, you know you already made change happen - time to share it! We will learn and celebrate together, making sure your success keeps growing.

Program Investment

What is it costing you not to enroll? 

  • Look, you’ve already earned the degrees and certifications, built the skills, and committed to this wild tech industry. You know we need more women in tech, making the design, development, investment, and delivery decisions.
    Are you really going to be cool sitting in the corner of the meeting, ignored and falling behind? 


  • When women in tech play small and miss promotions and raises, they lose nearly $500,000 over their career.
    Are you really going to be one of them?

    (according to McKinsey reporting, 2017)

  • Girl, you know he lifted that idea from you. You know he lifted that expertise right out of your brilliance.
    Are you really going to watch him get the praise, the raise, and the promotion? 


  • You know the tech that it is out there is … good. But isn’t all it could be. Tech today is leaving too many people behind, ignoring too much excellence and potential.
    Do you really want to be a cog in that, keeping the power structures in place? 

I attended two of Nicole’s speeches and they were great. But this course made all the difference in building MY bravery for MY goals. I get it now. I turned my ‘maybes’ and ‘coulda’ into action and … results.​

– Lesley, USA

Meet Your Host

Nicole lives the skill of bravery and the joy of failure while inspiring others to find the courage to do the same. Nicole’s clients turn dreams into reality: landing executive roles, pursuing international careers, doubling their income, and thriving in their chosen career.

Before stepping into her genius as the international bravery coach for women in tech, Nicole was a global tech executive, working in over 25 countries. She grew up in a struggling single-parent family and overcame a speech impediment. Today, she is financially secure and bilingual, with a track record of coaching and advising all levels of professionals around the world. 

Nicole lived in Europe for over a decade years before the mountains of Colorado called her name. Her kiddos ski faster, dive into bravery even more naturally, and inspire her every single day to ensure this world becomes much more inclusive, driven by women in tech, more quickly than we imagine.

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