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“I thought my career path was done and I was stuck in the same job until I retired. I was wrong. Working with Nicole gave me clarity, skills, and the OOPMF. Now I earn more, and I have a whole new topic to grow in. Most importantly, I can keep making sure I can grow all the way until retirement.”


Director at a Fortune 500


“I was ready to give up. My husband and I were calculating how we could live on one salary. Then I worked with Nicole. It wasn’t easy, and it took months to make the transition, but now I’m in a position that stretches me. And we didn’t burn through our savings!”


Senior Developer

South Africa

I accepted the offer: double my salary. I doubled my salary!! Coaching with you made all the difference. The investment was a stretch and the ROI massive.


Account Executive


This is early but I can't wait. Four months in and I have already hit my goal. I'm doing it: I'm hitting the road again. I am making it happen! And I know I can. So excited for the next 8 months together. 



Global Nomad

“Nicole weaves together so many skills with clarity and motivation that suddenly it has to be clear: Action! Results! My job and my life are so different now. I keep using the approach and I keep enjoying my life.”


VP & Organization Board Member    Germany

​“Nicole balances empathy with accountability. After just a few weeks, I was tired of my excuses. After a few months, I was moving forward. Now I am in a challenging job and learning new skills. I can’t believe I was so settled with ‘just fine.’”




“Nicole has the ability to focus in and know her clients. She really listens to the sensitivities of the people she coaches. Which means working with her has been my secret to getting what I want – FINALLY.”


Head of Marketing


“Nicole is highly effective. She understands the importance of each slice of team collaboration. The transformational workshops she designed and led fundamentally shifted our culture. Nicole is one of the top five reasons we are now profitable.”




"Nicole's a super star. If you find yourself stuck - banging your head against a wall with some kind of issue - give her a 5 minute overview and she'll save you 5 weeks; 50 employees; 500 leads or 5000 of whatever it is you do!


Senior Project Consultant


"Nicole has helped me find a voice for my most authentic self.  I had times where I thought that I needed to learn and emulate what other successful people around me were doing, but Nicole has shown me that my uniqueness is my strength.  After daring to dream big and take risks, doors are opening for me that I had never dreamed of!"


Lead Programmer/Analyst


"Few people have Nicole’s passion to lead and make an impact. I have known Nicole for over 15 years and have experienced her in two different cultural situations (USA and Spain). I’ve always admired the great lengths she’s taken to improve her communication skills and cultural sensitivity, as well as her willingness to be a mentor. Being supportive of others comes naturally to her and that’s led to a strong career in change management."


Award-winning Sales Director


"Motivational people get you to a stage where you realize "I can". Good coaches get you to a stage where you construct a strategy where in "I will".

Nicole gets both individuals and whole teams from a place where they're just realizing that "can" potential, through the strategy and tactics where they define how they "will" and right into an execution phase where they do great work routinely.

It sounds simple, but bridging gaps, defining goals, defining metrics by which we know when the goals are achieved, defining the actions by which teams and people will drive those metrics, and defining steps by which efficient execution is not just maintained, but continuously improving, are incredibly complicated tasks. Sometimes they get overlooked, simply because they apply to so many of the things we do every day, and sort of like driving, nobody likes to think that they're bad at it. Whether you're bad, good, or even great, Nicole's eye for detail, combined with her leadership skills and coaching prowess will make you and your team better."


Leader of Data, Analytics, and Decision Making


"Nicole is a brilliant coach and Facilitator (and all around human). She is strong, confident yet has a gentleness that is hard to balance in the corporate world. She listens with every ounce of her being, seeing situations from as many different perspectives as possible. She asks questions that make you truly dig deep and discover more than you knew was inside of you... and that’s just in simple “hallway” conversation. As a coach she is dedicated and passionate about helping you be the best human you can be. I have adored working with and near Nicole as she is honest, caring and grounded in her commitments."




"Nicole changed the future of my entire life with her coaching. Looking back I realized I believed that I couldn't do more because I am Muslim and grew up poor. I thought I was lucky to have anything at all. Nicole showed me how she believed that too and how she works through it a lot.

I've already doubled my income. And this is only the start! I know it."


Development Executive


"Nicole offered real, actionable insight to my complex change management challenge. She understood the challenge immediately - and had even been through similar in her own career. I look forward to working with Nicole again as my project progresses! "


Chief of Staff