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For the People

1 Hour, Pro Bono Coaching Session to

Explore Your Run for Political Office

Running for office can be an exhilarating & terrifying idea. You know the USA needs more voices of women, the black & Hispanic communities, the LGBTQI+ community, the differently-abled community. You also are deeply concerned about civil rights, health care, gun violence, women's rights, climate change, and more. 

You just aren't sure that could be - should be - you. 

It can feel like you've got a lot at stake: your free time, your reputation, your salary, your anonymity. 

But a small whisper continues to speak within your heart, "Run."

I deeply believe that with a more representative and inclusive political system, we will all benefit. This one hour session is my way to invest in our future. 

This session will focus on your decision to run for office so that you can make the right choice for you at this time with confidence. Or, if you have already decided to run, how you will run, with a focus on your messaging & approach, so that you can run with purpose, confidence, and drive.

I deeply believe we can all make a lasting contribution to this world through our work. When you’re ready to explore that whisper in your heart, I’m excited to speak with you.