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Be the Squirrel

Updated: Feb 25

The first step of working towards a goal is setting a *very* clear goal you can communicate to others.

The second step is truly and firmly committing yourself to the goal.

The third is shifting your mindset so that in your mind you are ALREADY thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting as if you've already accomplished your goal.

For example (published with client permission):

1. "I aim to be an global leader with a +85% approval rate throughout my organization in 2020."

2. Set aside 90 minutes each week for establish calendar of reflecting, listening tours, coaching, education, etc.

3. Act like I am already a global leader with a +85% approval rate by XYZ.

Guess what--> this client has already moved from ~15% approval rate in 2016 to slightly more than 50% on 2018.

Remember step three.

Spend time and heart on step three. Cause how you THINK and what you BELIEVE drives who you ARE.

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