Brave at Every Age

What were you doing at 16?

If you are like me, you were doing 16 year old stuff: goofing with friends, playing in the school band, working a part-time job, earning a drivers license.

If you are like Cora Haenelt, you were giving a speech to over 500 women in technology at's Grace Hopper Celebration in your second language.

Here we are:

In this week's podcast episode, Cora shares her experience during Grace Hopper, how she prepared, and how it changed her pathway over the last two years.

She also innately walked through my Build Your BRAVE framework with her response to my request to share what piece of advice she has for people as they step into their own moments of bravery.

Which you KNOW made me happy dance.

I am grateful that Cora joined me as my first ever guest as a role model of bravery at an early age.

And BRAVE is a skill that you can build at any and every age. I'm 40 and stepping into my BRAVE in new, deeper, bigger, warmer ways each week.

One of my clients is in her 70s and so is she.

How can you build your BRAVE at your age right now, today?

What clarity do you need? Who can support you? What steps can you take? How can you build momentum and keep it going?

For me, I am approving the publication of my next podcast episode that scares the crappy-do outta me as I type this. I'm also speaking tomorrow at the Badass Women in Business event tomorrow with no slides.

Thank you for listening to the podcast and thank you for rating and reviewing so that more people can join our movement to Celebrate BRAVE.



PS – if you are ready to be seen, heard, and taken seriously as a woman in tech, start with my Build Your Brave quiz to get clear about your BRAVE strengths and your areas to build.

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