Celebrate ALL of you - Just Like Shakira

I enjoy global football ⚽️ Not so much the USA version 🏈

Recently was the USA big game. A team won (change your mascot already, fogoodnesssake) & a team loss.

Two amazing, female, Latina performers owned that stage.

I didn't watch it live. I did catch that stunning flag with the national USA flag on one side and an unrepresented territory flag on the other...while singing Born in the USA. Which is a protest song and was a BADASS moment.

What confused me was how few USA folks got the depth & breadth of the inclusion & leadership within Shakira's performance. It was another reminder of how much I take my global community & experience for granted.

My social media feeds are still lighting up in the global south celebrating that to saw their incredibly rich cultures represented on a massive stage in the USA. The direct inclusion of Carnaval, Mapale, Champeta, and so much more.

Joyfully celebrating all the pieces of who you are is a STRENGTH.

Shakira has 'headlined' the global football world cup and the national USA football game, embracing hers.

And we can too, in our own way.

What is the event that you will headline BECAUSE you are celebrating joyfully all the parts of you?

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