Celebrating Year One

One year ago the full-time, corporate phase of my career came to an end. One year ago the adventure of Trick Steinbach LLC took off.

One year. Only one year. Already one year.

The first year of Trick Steinbach LLC has been more and less -- less painful, less empty, less 'I miss it,' & more empowering, enriching, joyful, rewarding -- than I could have ever anticipated.


And that even without taking into consideration COVID, quarantine, and shifting the entire world onto virtual platforms.

I won't lie, even with a severance package to bridge the first months, it was terrifying to step out into my own business, particularly as I was then the single income for our family. Making big moves in life often is.

All the moments of change and growth in my life have been utterly terrifying at the time: trying out for various teams in high school, going away for college, starting ROTC, studying in Spain, quitting my first 'real' job, moving to Germany, accepting jobs I wasn't sure I can handle, traveling alone in the world, giving birth twice, returning to the US, and more.

It was terrifying at that time and now -- with years and decades between then and now -- it is nearly impossible to imagine a life lived without those choices, those failures, successes, relationships. They are each defining moments of who and why I am.

I value curiosity, growth, truth-telling, joy, passion, doing the work, and, especially, choosing brave. I believe that we can and must do better in our daily lives and in our societies. I believe that I can be a part of creating the world my grandchildren deserve, and part of my impact to the world is through my coaching and consulting.

So many people made this last year extraordinary.

  • Thank you to my amazing coaching clients for believing in a new open-market coach.

  • Thank you to my partner in change management consulting.

  • Thank you to all the organizations & podcasts that welcomed me as a speaker.

  • Thank you to my coach and mastermind, Women of Denver, and the Polka Dots for speaking openly about the joy & trials of building a business.

  • Thank you to my branding partner, social media partner, website partner, and assistant.

  • Thank you to my SAP fro-lleagues around the world who have consistently encouraged me, supported me, and introduced me to a number of my clients.

  • Thank you to my friends --> OMG what would I ever do without you loving on me and kicking me past what I think is possible.

And, most importantly, thank you to my husband & our kids. We did this together.

#braveitup #gratitude

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