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Contentment, Mindfulness, and Rejecting "Could be worse"

Updated: Feb 25

I hated the thought of 'being content.' Ask my ex-boyfriend (amazing guy, brilliant and kind). Poor dude.

I was convinced that "content" meant settled in, gave in, stopped bettering. For a girl from welfare, I had only see "settling" as accepting poverty, abuse, & 'could be worse."

There was NO FREAKING WAY I was every going into that nonsense.

I was ALWAYS going to S.T.R.I.V.E.

Join military to pay for college? Where do I sign.

30 hours as a secretary & wait tables, & unpaid internships, & going to school full-time? Ain't gonna kill me.

Travel to X for customer Q in two days with no prep? Passports ready!

And it worked.

My career took off, reaching levels I did not know existed. At one point I'd been to more countries than US states. My account was solid. Investments, even property. I even had a great partner in life.

No way I was settling.

Then came my children. Who needed no striving, no determination, no struggle. They needed me to be there, with love. Perhaps even contentment.

Scary stuff these kids.

Until Andreas Mohr coached me into mindfulness & offered another definition for content: "peaceful happiness with you"

Over the past seven years as I have built a practice of mindfulness and, yes, living in abundance and contentment, I become a better human.

All that to say: I wish this for you. Be who you really are and may happiness be your fruit. #braveitup

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