Extraordinary Women Unite

Nearly five years ago I met a woman at a time in my life I was not enjoying. I can't remember what she said, I remember how I felt.

I felt encouraged, seen, heard, strengthened by talking to her. I connected to her online and listened to her podcast often while traveling for my exec role.

When I knew I was stepping out to build my own business, she was the first and only business coach I reached out to. Four years after I met her and many podcasts later, I knew she was the right stretch for me.

She was. Her annual conference, Extraordinary Women Ignite*, set me on the path and her mastermind kept me on the path to building a six-figure business in my first year of business.

So imagine the shock and the shriek when she invited me to be on her podcast, Extraordinary Women Radio.

The podcast that traveled with me for years.

The podcast with amazing women doing amazing things to make this world better through connecting to people, animals, nature, technology, money, voting, and more.

And me.

The episode just came out and I am proud, really proud, to share it with you.

When you've listened, pop some thoughts below. What touched you? What surprised you? What did we miss?

*Extraordinary Women Ignite is going virtual in 2020. Registration is already open and I will be there. Use my code and save $50:


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