Holler! I am a finalist for WomenTech Speaker of the Year 2020

I was weeping into my pillow, self-pity, frustration, and pain mingling together, when my phone rang. I was exhausted, dealing with internal inflammation cause by (yet another) mysterious allergic reaction.

I didn't want to answer but a name I hadn't seen in quite some time, from a person I deeply respect & appreciate, was on the screen.

I pushed the green button and heard a loud, enthusiastic voice proclaim:

"I just saw your face on LinkedIn! You are a finalist! I'm watching the recording of your speech - I AM SO PROUD OF YOU."

I shook off some brain fog, wiped some tears, opened LinkedIn and saw this:

That is ME!!

At that time, 50 people have already voted for my speech. Folks from all over the world, people I know and appreciate, and names I have never seen before. That means they either attend my session live and remembered it enough to come back and vote for me.

Or they watched the recording and chose to share my profile with their own networks.

I treasure each and every one of those votes. For me, each of those are unexpected cheers of love and support to keep going with my passion:

My passion is helping women in tech build their bravery so that they create the career of their biggest dreams and make the world better.


Because every single industry relies on a spine of tech. That tech spine should be playing a tangible role in leaping every industry towards greater equity for all people as well as proactively engaging in reducing climate change, increasing quality of life and education, and so much more. 

Long story, short: When tech is truly inclusive, all industries will be too. 

And we all deserve a world driving towards that world: equity, harmony, growth, connection.

If you too would like to see a better world and are curious about how building the skill of bravery will help you leverage your passion to do that, please check out my speech.

And then, to vote for me, share *from* my unique page to your social media accounts.

#buildyourbrave #braveitup #womentech #womenintech

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