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I messed up - Marry Well

I dramatically misspoke during the Q&A section of my Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 speech, A Guide to Being Brave.

I was asked what unexpected things have helped me be successful and braver. I said "I married very well."

Only later did I realize many people in the audience understood that as "I married wealth."

What I meant was that I married a full partner.

A partner that struggles to find balance for the unique strengths, weaknesses, desires, and goals of our unique relationship. We've been together for 15 years and our relationship has taken different shapes during different phases.

The simplified version is:

  • We both worked.

  • I traveled a lot.

  • He traveled a lot.

  • I stayed home & he worked.

  • I worked part-time & he worked full-time.

  • He stayed home & I worked.

  • He worked part-time & I worked full-time.

Now we are working out how to support our family as I build my business. That's partnership and it is HARD FREAKING WORK. We both make mistakes and sacrifices.

And we support each other into more joy, more laughter, and more opportunity than a more rigid set-up.

That's marrying well these days.

Marry well. https://lnkd.in/ezcwKNr #marrywell #partner #success #bebrave

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