Let Them Judge You

The image on this blog says:

Let them judge you.

Let them misunderstand you.

Let them gossip about you.

Their opinions aren't your problems.

You stay kind, committed to love & free in your authenticity.

No matter what they do or say, don't you doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth.

Just keep shining like you always do.

- Scott Stabile

This is one of life's huge lessons. And, for me, at least, a spiral. A lesson that keeps returning and a lesson that keeps giving.

I have found myself drawn towards people who live in their quiet power. As well as people who are openly struggling. Have you?

Earlier today I was harshly judged. Untrue things were said. And sadly my daughter and son overheard a small slice.

I wanted to rage. I walked away.

When it turned out that person then spread untruths, I chose to respond with calm truth and an offer for direct conversation. I also spoke openly to my children and tried to understand their experience.

They understood more than I thought & it isn't the first time. Oh, I really want to rage right now, in mother bear mode.

Instead I'm exhaling extra deep. I cooked a lovely meal. I walked the dog further. I wrote in my journal, exploring.

Because this is a lesson I continue to spiral through, always slightly deeper into the learning and always with a slightly better understanding of myself.

Openly growing through struggle. How about you?

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