Make it So: Leadership Right Now

Are you still a leader in this new set-up? Or are you just managing?

Leadership right now - in this fully virtual setting - demands that folks higher in the hierarchy step more obviously into vulnerability & the possibility of screwing up.

1. Turn on your cameras. Reveal your home and sometimes an artificial background that reveals a little bit more about you as a human. Mine is the bridge of the Enterprise.

(See, made ya smile & you learned about me)

2. Gift the power of listening. Since your camera is on ;) put your phone on airplane (yeah, I said it) and force yourself to take handwritten notes.

(sound ridiculous, download & read "The Coaching Habit")

3. Share small, personal stories. Small chats around the coffee machines are gone. YOU have to bring the personal. 60 to 90 seconds -- while your camera is on and building on your gift of listening -- deepens the feel of belonging & 'togetherness.'

(pet stories are the best to start!)

4. Offer more time. An extra check in with each direct report / an open mic for your larger organization. Widen the communication channels. Especially if you don't know what will happen -- step into it.

Like you're the captain of the Enterprise.

Make it so.


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