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Make That Leap

Updated: Feb 25

This morning I met a fellow parent who is also a cancer survivor. When she got a clean bill of health, her family decided that life is short and it was time to step into their dreams.

They packed up their east coast life and moved to a horse property in Colorado with a view of the mountains. Because, if not now, when?

Isn’t that the question, folks. If not now, when?

We all have that experience that reminds us how precious this single life is.

For some it’s a life threatening disease or accident, a loss of a loved one, or a missed moment of connection. For others it may be a lay-off, a firing, or another denied or delayed promotion.

And then there are others who know they carry of life with purpose within them, people who listen to their clear calling and the skills, behaviors, relationships, beliefs, and, many times, privilege to make it happen.

And the majority is most likely somewhere between. A voice of purpose we ignore too long and a situation that pushes us forward.

When I moved from the US to Germany, I was between. A difficulty forced my hand when I brought my family to the US in 2013. But when I leapt into coaching & change consulting, I was answering a deep soul calling of purpose.  

A purpose to be the career coach that focuses on helping successful professionals achieve their next-level, global career goals. I am dedicated to this space because I know first-hand that living & working globally decreases ignorance and bigotry....and dramatically increases empathy, innovation, & creative solutions.

That’s a world I want to build for our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, dogs.

How about you: when you leapt last, what motivated you?

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