One person can make all the difference - be that person

The Noble House gave me the opportunity to be a part of their global celebration for International Women's Day 2020. And I am grateful!

I suggest checking out all the profiles shared, starting here.

Below is my own profile with my thoughts about how we can all be a person who makes all the difference for inclusion and personal growth that makes the world a better place.

  1. What changes do you wish to implement/see implemented in the future workplace? Do you think are employers doing enough where diversity & inclusion are concerned at the workplace? In one word: no. Rehashing the challenges and investing in marketing campaigns isn’t solving the problem. Rather than companies looking for “cultural fit” in the hiring and the development process, we need to hire and grow people to make the culture better: stretch it, grow it. Organizations need to publish quotas and KPIs, invest internally, and then be held accountable to these concrete goals. We’ve seen the power of concrete goals in numerous countries and organizations. The proof is out there.

  2. How can one person make a difference in workplace equity? One person can make ALL the difference! Sit down with new people at lunch. Invite new people to meetings rather than the ‘usual suspects. Pronounce every single person’s name correctly and never give nicknames to others…and don’t let others either. Add cultural holidays to your work calendar and plan with them in mind. Demand a diverse, inclusive shortlist for new hires, internal and expert, and an equally diverse hiring panel. Leave companies and organizations that aren’t valuing all aspects of you, value yourself.

  3. How is Gig Economy empowering women and why women should cash in on the freelance space? Stepping into building my own business has been the most empowering and most exhaustingly rewarding phase of my career. I have tripled my skills, massively deepened and widened my relationships, and my personal, human growth is off the charts. Start with what service you will give to your clients, how you will improve the world through your work, and be financially responsible. You’ll never be ready, so when you are sorta-maybe…do it.

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