Own It Like a Boss - It Sucks and Rocks

This PostSecret took me for a roller coaster ride.

My first response was as a parent with sadness because I want to be the sort of parent that cheers for my each of my kid's wildest dreams. 

My next response was as a child and knowing that even in the best situations, it isn't possible or healthy to share everything.  

My last response was as a coach. Many clients go through the difficult and exhausting experience of realizing that not everyone can be a part of their biggest, wildest dream. 

Especially their Oscar-sized dreams.

The most successful ones accept that to achieve their dreams, they must create a life of habits, relationships, beliefs, and infrastructure that support their goals.

Making the necessary shifts can be horrific & freeing. For example, when I released the habit of leading every change management meeting, I was available to learn about new topics - like business process management - and take on a greater leadership role.

Did some of the meetings go sideways? Yes. Could some of them been shorter? Yes.

Did all of the people in each of the meetings learn more and experience more about how change management works and doesn't than they would have with an uber-expert leading the meeting? Oh Hell Yes.

In fact, two of the people that I left space for -- so that I could selfishly leap towards leadership in a bigger way -- decided to assume a change-focused role in their next career step. And both earn a lot more money than they did before.

And me? I was promoted. And that promotion led to personal and professional growth in a massively unexpected ways. Like founding my own business, more on that another time.

I call this crucial phase of building a life that makes achieving your goal damn near inevitable "Own It Like a Boss" in my 3-part framework for how to build your brave.  Want more? Click here to subscribe to my free video series.

You'll receive a video a week with a concrete action steps, real world examples, & homework to make sure you get results. 

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