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Podcast: Dr. D's Social Network

Updated: Feb 25

Earlier this month Dr. D. (Darian Parker) interviewed me for his personal and intense podcast: Dr. D's Social Network.

I've enjoyed many of his deeply personal conversations that ranged from addiction to gun violence to suicide to stunning accomplishments with guests from around the world.

And I was NOT ready for how deep, how raw we got.

I am both petrified and awed to have this conversation in the world.

We covered a lot of ground from my past career, my current mission, why I identify with an octopus, if an eagle can be in the same space as an jellyfish, addiction, and turning points within turning points.


Dr D wrote: "The embodiment of joy in a person is truly Nicole Trick Steinbach. I’m serious. Nicole brings her truly authentic, joyful, inquisitive and honest presence to episode 78 of the podcast. One of my favorite conversations of all time was with Nicole."

Have a listen to our conversation here: https://lnkd.in/g8kgtcT

How about you?

What animal do you identify with right now?

What was your turning point within a turning point?

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