Rest. Don't Quit.

This week - after five months of 'making it happen' - is the week of resting.

If you are among the lucky that haven't yet experienced a personal loss as a result of COVID or COVID-related deaths, there is still so much draining us. These days, weeks, and months are demanding more from us than ever and there is still so much more before us.

These are the days that pull and push and yank and require more and also less each and every second. I am tired and excited. I am joyful and scared. I am creative and drained. I am a professional and parent and wife and friend and human.

I imagine that you are also something like that in your own moments. So these days it is essential to our souls that we build the muscle of this:

After just two days of rest, I can already see space and light within this remarkable time in history. And there are five more days of rest before me.

Learn to rest when you get tired. Maybe even learn to rest before you get tired. Then keep going with joy, energy, and vision.

Because, you, dear human, are brave. So #braveitup.

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