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Share Your Magic

Updated: Feb 25

Do you know those moments when time falls away and your soul sings?

For me, my magic flows when I am coaching and I am facilitating. I realize that this it is a strange mix. The energetic, front-and-center facilitator role as well as the deeply focused, one-on-one conversations.

It took me years to discover and then embrace my own unique magic. It was even more difficult because of the feedback I got. Over the years I heard various forms of,

“Do you always want to be center stage?” when I jumped to facilitate a session.

“You are so intense,” when I moved past small talk & opened deep conversation.

“We told you what the problem is, work on what we told you,” when I guided towards a deep exploration of root cause to address the core challenge, rather than a symptom.

But I also heard other feedback like,

“You really listen, and you deeply care.

“We wouldn’t have solved the core issue if you hadn’t dug a bit deeper.”

And, most importantly, I could see the impact I was creating with and through others.

As well as growing referrals from people who have had such a positive experience working with me, that they recommend my services to their network.

Because my unique magic -- just like your unique magic - is a gift. As Desiree Lynn Adaway says:

Don’t sacrifice the gift of your magic to make others happy.

When I embraced my magic – when I listened to my inner voice and stepped towards what gave me joy – my magic grew and so did the positive impact I could make on the world.

I'd love to hear from YOU. What is your magic? How do you leverage it to improve the world?

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