I'm 40! Single Ask Made Reality

My single birthday ask was to wake up in the mountains, looking at the mountains.

Since I live in Colorado … super simple to find a short-term rental, right?


Welp. There is also:

  • Two kiddos.

  • Two dogs.

  • My birthday is during Thanksgiving week.

  • It is COVID, right when all humans with basic science awareness and a working news source are staying put in Colorado, renting short-term with immediate family and only immediate families. So, add that it needed a full kitchen, washer&dryer, and not already be booked.

And … and this was the biggest…My single ask was to wake up in the mountains, LOOKING AT THE MOUNTAINS.

Directly at the mountains. From the bed.

So my birthday ask was a single ask, and it was not a simple ask.

I spent weeks searching the apps and services to find our rental.

Most weeks there were exactly ZERO listings between Denver and Aspen that met my needs.

Did I think of pulling back on my ask? Yes. Yes, I did.

Did I do it?

That would be one massive, freaking NOPE.

Then, On October 16, our rental popped up. Brand-new. Zero pictures to prove the description of “expansive and direct mountain views.” Three bed-rooms. Full kitchen. Washer&dryer. Dogs okay. Kids okay. And it was available.

I squealed with joy, and booked it.

Did I mention zero pictures?

Then I got instantly nervous and in that energy, popped a message over to the owner that – rereading it now—was a wacky. High energy, high hopes, way too many details, and my punctuation included an astounding number of !!s.

The owner has an excellent sense of humor and a high desire to serve, thankfully, because my ask is reality.

I woke up in a short-term rental with my entire family and with direct, expansive views of the mountains.


Because I was specific. Because I took the actions, because I learned from every action. Because I did not freaking step-back and settle for good enough.

Because I believed that my single ask was worthy of me.

Read that again.

My single ask was worthy of me.

Not the other way around. I was not just worthy of my single ask. My ask was worthy of me.

Since winning the FireDancer award, since being a finalist for Global Women in Tech Speaker of the Year, since sharing my first year of business was 6-figures, since announcing my clients amazing successes, I have been asked many, many times, in many, many ways “HOW?”

Also “HOW?!” (but that is another story)

My answer: I believe, I deeply, truly believe that my dreams and my goals are worthy of me.

So I won’t settle into ‘good enough’ anymore.

I won’t convince myself I’m asking for too much.

I won’t listen to that (ever more quiet) voice that I am too much and not enough.

I won’t stop looking right before my goal, my dream gets worthy of my.

Nope. Not me.

And now again:

I believe, I deeply, truly believe that my dreams and my goals are worthy of me.

I reach past good enough.

I am asking and receiving.

I am listening to that voice of 'you rock' and 'keep going.'

I keep acting and learning and growing up-to-and-then-past my goal.

I celebrate THE FUCK outta dreams and goals that become my reality.

Do you know – really deep-soul-know – and believe that your dreams are worthy of you? Do you know that you are good enough and awesome? Do you know how to take the action to learn the lesson to build the reality?

Cause I want all of that for you.

I want you to experience how you create your ask and make it your reality.

I woke up on my 40th birthday, cozy in a fabulous bed, in a rental with all we needed and so much more, in the mountains, surrounded by my entire family, looking directly onto gorgeous, sunny mountains.

What is your version of this ask?

You can to, whatever your version is.

Are you ready to experience your dreams being worthy of you? Start by scheduling your brave strategy session with me.

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