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Walk the Talk: Sunsets, 9 year olds, Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Updated: Feb 25

Last week I publicly posted a raw and very vulnerable video that was also the longest video I have ever posted to both my LinkedIn and my Facebook pages.

The video was also the strongest public example so far of me walking my talk and choosing to #DoTheScaryShit.

It covers ...

... an amazing sunset I experienced in Tempe, Arizona

... two heartbreaking stories about 9 year old on different sides of the globe petrified of war and missiles and parents away from home

... call to choose empathy and compassion, with concrete examples of how to do that…that’s where Star Trek Deep Space Nine comes in.

Yeah, I went there.

And I cry.

Thankfully I remembered my nana’s lessons about how to politely wipe my face…and nose.

Every moment is a choice. My post was a choice, a terrifying choice. And while I was (am!) scared, posting the video was the best choice I could make at the time.

Because silence will never be my option. Ever.

Even when I'm calling on my deepest skills of bravery and my unique fierceness to do it.

I'd love to hear from you: when have you been called to gather up your brave and done what was best choice at that moment of time?

Thanks for watching.

#braveitup #FierceIt

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