Who Do You Want To Be?

What do YOU really want out of your career?

I bet you’ve got a concrete answer, perhaps in terms of your title, your salary, your expertise, maybe even your impact.

But do you know WHO you want to be and HOW she feels?

Too many of us don’t have a concrete or inspiring answer to those questions. So we chase the what and get lost. Even if we achieve our goals, our what, we fail to really live into our new standard...or worse, don’t enjoy the win.

I get it because recently my coach asked me this exact question and I did not like my answer. There was great stuff in my answer but there was also envy, graspy energy, and more.

Who wants to be managing envy and graspy energy of lack? Not me.

But I was. In this week’s podcast episode, I share more about my recent experience as well as the power and importance of asking yourself these two important questions:

Who do you want to be? How does she feel?

You may realize, like me, that the person you are today doesn't match with the person you need to become to achieve and enjoy your next level goals. And that’s A-OK.

Your BRAVE challenge:

Gift yourself a moment to imagine who you want to be and how she feels. Maybe you journal, maybe you voice record yourself. Get that clarity of Tell It To Your Dentist.

Hold on to those answers and especially those feelings, because that clarity creates your momentum of Experience It Like a Kindergartner with all the feels and the Learn-Act spiral.

Highlights from this episode:

  1. There is incredible value in the WHAT questions. (1.56m)

  2. On losing track of WHO I was. (3.24m)

  3. About becoming clear-ish all the way to success. (5.50m)

Q&A with Nicole ... Questions from BRAVE Souls

“How do you identify obstacles?”

First, you know what the obstacles are already -- you gotta believe yourself. Start there. Belief in yourself.

Second, get out your journal or your voice recording app.

Start with the question: what is holding me back?

Here are some common areas that my clients use to identify specific areas:

  • Money

  • Feelings

  • Beliefs

  • Habits

  • People

Some of my clients chose to answer each category with a separate deep dive session in their journal or their voice app. Some dive in each day, sharing their random thoughts, for five days in a row. Both are valuable, so try both.

Gift yourself your time, your belief, your energy, and your honesty. Identifying the obstacles between you and a life you love and a career that matters to you is your work.

Building bravery as a skill is all about learning and acting. Obstacles -- or perceived obstacles -- won't vanish on their own.

Still struggling with identifying or addressing your obstacles?

I can help. Schedule a consultation.

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