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Since I became a corporate refugee I’ve met many new people, doing new things, in new ways. And I am fascinated by them. Their why, how, backstory, ideas, connections, passions. Ah, just everything. I'm thrilled many of them are becoming colleagues, friends.

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There is just this one little thing: on the whole they tend to talk way too much about the universe: asking the universe, putting it into the universe, thanking the universe, the universe has your back, the universe is conspiring for you.

It can be a lot. I mean, "universe."


In an unrelated note, this last weekend, we went camping again. As I continued my working through Tara Mohr’s Playing Big, I realized how much I miss writing. It was like thunder in my soul: play big in writing, Nicole.

Not corporate writing, or just-in-time social media posts, play big in the real writing.

The heart-writing … soul-writing … writing-from-me-to-you writing. The process of releasing my heart and perhaps even, occasionally, my soul onto the page. Then editing and refining, reading my heart-writing out loud to go deeper, get clearer, and then extending this written, released piece of my heart into our world.

I mean, I went to university to study writing. I had a column that was picked up by the local Pittsburgh newspaper. Many of my corporate positions have included writing as a significant part of my role.

I am a writer. A writer who is writing, just not heart-writing.

I promised myself right then, at that scratched up picnic table, that I would take more time to write with my heart and soul. I promised myself that I would rebuild the muscle of embracing this voice of mine – this unique, raw, weird, gloriously me voice – and then gifting it into the world.

I promised myself out loud. These new people in my life would most likely say I “put it into the universe.”

In another, totally unrelated note, this Monday morning I walked down to my office, clicked on the daily link of Yoga with Adrianne, and… today was all about yoga for writers.

Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash

Yoga for WRITERS.


Y’all: writers

Damn universe.

Thank you for having my back.

Thank you, new and already-dear friends, for reigniting a universe-connection.


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