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You've Only Got One

Updated: Feb 25

It was brilliant to be surrounded by so many women across numerous generations at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2019. A week of inspiration, passion, and insight. A week of women on the stage, winning awards, lifting voices, asking questions.

A week surrounded by the present we fail to see and the future we deserve.

And....ladies, take care of your minds, your souls, and your bodies.

You get a grand total of ONE each.

Skipping sleep, working with no play, eating crap, pretending everything's great all the time...these are not signs of strength.

The opposite.

I have dealt with stress, depression, eating disorder, near burn-out, as well as bored-out. I created havoc in my skin, my digestive track, my heart, my relationships. And it didn't help my career either.

I trained myself to think I was "weak" and "couldn't hack it." But I learned.

For example, on Saturday after Grace Hopper Celebration ended, I slept for something like 13 hours. Hardly moved. And then enjoyed an hour massage through Soothe.

Please, leaders and ladies, don't learn the hard way. Care for yourself now. Build the habit.

Our global community NEEDS you and that unique gift you have.

But you dont have to take it from me: Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Arianna Huffington, & more.

Sleep. Call a friend & be honest. Take a walk. Take a bath. Meditate. Go to your faith community. Put down your phone & turn off the laptop and TV.

Return to the silence and the wonder of you. There is no other you. And you are a gift to the rest of us.

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