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Career Coaching

Step into Your Fierceness

You want to take your career to the next level. You are ready to do the work to step into your bravery and turn your goal into your daily life.

Career coaching is a one-on-one package that starts with a four-month commitment designed specifically for you.

Common topics include:

  • Vision, value, and skill build

  • Your unique action plan to reach your global goal

  • Opportunities & obstacles for your global career

  • Sustained growth plan to ensure sustained your global goals

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Leadership Coaching

Bravely Lead to Bigger Impact

You are already a leader and you want to know how to be an awesome leader. A leader that releases the gifts and insights of each team members...and, even more importantly, your full team. You need a partner and coach that has been there and will guide you as you become an impactful leader that creates change through brave leadership. 

Leadership Coaching is one-on-one coaching package with a six month commitment specific to your goals. It includes 360 leadership feedback and change leadership fundamentals.

Common topics include:

  • Crafting your own leadership purpose statement

  • Welcoming & listening to feedback

  • Building your leadership & personal brand

  • Establishing your leadership plan, including a unique development plan

Strategic Change Consulting

Go Bravely to Change the World

You are making the world a better place. And now it is time to step. it. up. Your processes, behaviors, technologies, and culture need a brave update. it sounds thrilling and challenging because it is. You need a partner with experience and know how so that you can amp up your impact on the world.


Common topics include:

  • Vision & Purpose: Fierce Braveness 

  • Holistic team design, people, process & technology

  • Team purpose and vision statement

  • Brave results and the roadmap to success