You yearn for more but aren't quite sure what it is or if you can really achieve it?


4 months can change your life.

Tech needs professionals like you who are making tech more inclusive just by being you in your expertise.


The entire world relies on tech and the tech out there is … good.


But it isn’t representative or inclusive of all people in this world. It doesn’t help lift up all experiences and viewpoints.


If fact, it ignores too much excellence and potential and falls far short of what it could be.


And you know it.

Tech needs engineers, consultants, designers, developers, architects, and leaders who are also female.

I started with Nicole because I was lost. I just wanted to stop 'not caring.' That felt like a big want for me. Now I CARE again about what I do. I increased my income by 100,000Euro.

Stefanie, Director, Europe

If you want to be challenged to find your purpose and expand your career farther than you ever realized was possible- then Nicole is your Leader and Coach. Thank you Nicole, I not only gained a new career path but I also gained a lifelong friend.

– Carli, Global Talent Leader, USA

In this 4 month package
you will :

  • get super clear about your next big success.

  • Build your knowledge, skills, and experience to design exactly what your next career phase looks, feels, and acts. 

  • Release what is holding you back

  • Embrace what propels you forward



So that your next big title, income, and impact all become your newest BRAVE reality. 

You’ve already earned the degrees and certifications, built the skills, and committed to this wild tech industry.


You look around your offices, teams, and decision-makers and you know we need more women in tech, making the design, development, investment, and delivery decisions.


Are you really going to be cool sitting in the corner of the meeting, ignored and falling behind?


You know that tech is hugely profitable. You know that the medium income for a mid-level expert in tech is the equivalent of 125,000 USD.

Did you know that when women in tech play small and miss promotions and raises, they lose nearly $500,000 over their career?*

Now that you do know, you get to choose: 


Are you really going to be one of the women who misses out?

*McKinsey, Women in the Workplace 2020

How do you get the impossible? You work with Nicole.

I hit the market and designed my own job. Got offers. Negotiated. Accepted. Started. In the middle of the pandemic. Bravery is THE skill.

– A.J., Global Principle Cloud, Global

My Clients Report These Results

Who benefits the most from VIP Brave Coaching package?  

  • You are a woman in tech with at least 5 years of professional experience. 

  • You’ve gotten promotions and experienced success and know you can do and be more...but aren't quite sure what that could be.

  • You are committed to a career in tech  and you are ready to leap forward in your expertise and your impact now.

  • You are intelligent, resilient, and ready to slay the techbro demons to kick ass in your career, making tech an even better industry for all people. 

Who isn’t this package for?  

If you are

  • playing around with the idea of growth 

  • thinking 'maybe I'm ready'

  • unsure about your commitment to the work of growth,


Please check out my Build Your Brave cohort. 

My Build Your Brave Framework

You are busy and -- and just like when designing, developing, or implementing tech -- results need to be nearly instantaneous. My framework for How to Build Your Brave does just that. 


My framework is simple, built on proven and cutting-edge research, and creates results from the first session. 


And it is fun. Cause we all need waaaayyyyy more fun. 

  •  Tell it to your dentist
  • Experience it like a kindergartner

  • Own it like a boss 

Meet Nicole

Nicole lives the skill of bravery and the joy of failure while inspiring others to find the courage to do the same. Nicole’s clients turn dreams into reality: landing executive roles, pursuing international careers, doubling their income, and thriving in their chosen career.

Before stepping into her genius as the international bravery coach for women in tech, Nicole was a global tech executive, working in over 25 countries. She grew up in a struggling single-parent family and overcame a speech impediment. Today, she is financially secure and bilingual, with a track record of coaching and advising all levels of professionals around the world. 

Nicole lived in Europe for over a decade years before the mountains of Colorado called her name. Her kiddos ski faster, dive into bravery even more naturally, and inspire her every single day to ensure this world becomes much more inclusive, driven by women in tech, more quickly than we imagine.

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