Gift the Opportunity of a Big, Beautiful Surprise

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Today is the first day of school for both of my children. From home, my daughter will virtually meet her new teacher and my son will reconnect with his. Then later today we will walk across the street to snap the traditional first day of school picture in front of the school they can’t walk into.

These are wild times.

A few weeks ago I made a live video about how difficult making the final decision regarding school has been for our family. I shared how I got stuck in the Learn-Act cycle of my Build Your Brave Framework towards making this never-before-made decision. We completed the paperwork just under the deadline and then spent the next two weeks working to Own It Like A Boss.

There is a reason why I often answer the question, ‘Which part is the hardest?’ with ‘Own It Like a Boss.’

There were many times that I questioned our choice, that I was seconds away from changing it (if I could). Everyone around us is also torn, trying to make the best decision they could for their specific family needs, their individual kids’ needs, and the full community.

…can I take this moment again to stress how absurd it is that parents are making this decision? Most of us are not medical or educational professionals. We also aren’t public health experts. Amateur hour over here….

Then, then last night this image popped into a text message chain:

"Let’s give this school year the opportunity to be awesome. Don’t throw a label or judgment on it before it begins. It may just surprise us in big, beautiful ways."

For the first time, I exhaled fully around this decision. The loving reminder that I can choose to remain open, curious, and (as much as possible) non-judgmental about this new school year released more of my deeply held tension.

I can choose the label. I can choose the judgement. I can choose to choose neither and remain open to new opportunities.

Will this be easy?

Hell no.

Mindset shifts are never, ever easy. If they were, we’d all be walking around as the fullest versions of ourselves all the time. We aren’t. We get tired, stressed, distracted, and more.

Is mindset shift worth the effort?

1 million percent.

So today I am gifting myself the opportunity for this school year to be awesome. I’m opening the door to big, beautiful surprises. I’m building the bravery around both.

How about you: what part of your life during this pandemic would you like to give the opportunity to surprise you in big, beautiful ways?

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